Size matters - But when you're 'puny', you learn that there's more then one way to skin a cat.


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Minnow is scrapper, short and scrawny – he was the focus of much bullying in his youth, leaving him stubborn, untrusting, and cynical. Years of fighting have left him tough for his size and with a few tricks up his sleeve. He is sly and inevitably out for himself but has long learned the value of a well organized and trusting team to further his own agenda.

Orphan born, Minnow was street raised. Most of his life was in a church sponsored orphanage, where the only thing more common than dogmatic preachings are fights. Minnow will rarely speak of his youngest childhood, where abuse and abandonment were gifts of his stewards. Like all orphans with half a brain, Minnow took to the streets by the time he reached adolescence.

Minnow earned his stripes and found shelter from his harsh upbringing running with a gang, The Macabre. Despite his diminutive stature he quickly fell in line with a sub-section of the gang know as the Carnal Trio. While The Trio’s name had long become misleading, this division is the infamously ruthless enforcer arm of The Macabre. When heads needed to be rolled, it was a certainty The Carnal Trio was involved.

Minnow, once known as the Death Jester for his half-mask clown face and trickster spirit, stood with the best of them. His body is a testament to his trials and accomplishments, scarred and calloused with years of struggle, strife and skirmish etched into his flesh. Now Minnow is a wondering soul, his gang dismantled through a rash of Coalition crackdowns and turf wars, spurred by the sudden disappearance of The Macabre’s legendary leader, Karnage, and with him the political clout to hold the Colition at bay, and the fear to keep rival gangs in check.

Driven from his homestead by certain death at the hands of the now prevalent gangs, Minnow moves from town to town, avoiding law and notoriety when possible. Pride has not faded though, and he is often identified by his caricature appearance, or shoulder spanning gang tattoo. More then a few young gang bangers have woken up dead for thinking the Death Jester is unwelcome in their town.


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