The world of Andora has enjoyed nearly one hundred fifty years of peace. However, pressure from the Coalition to join their once noble cause and the anti magic campaign launched by the once peaceful Gavalites, somethings brewing.

5/26 Just started adding content to the Wiki.

4/23 Took a hiatus due to some good life changing events. Been working hard some history and altering the cortex rules to fit the world. A few things I have done so far: Enhanced and expanded the weapons and armor list; Changed up the skill list; Altered the Assets and Flaws to fit the world; In the process of writing a magic system and much more. Most of that is not seen here yet. Those changed will be available once they are put together in a pdf. Also been working out some story, history, world locations and the like. That will be posted here soon. The more I get done the more excited I get

Andora's Peril

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